RGB Puck Light 4 Pack - 10 LEDs W/Remote Control

: $40.00
These are NEW high quality, very bright reusable battery powered REMOTE CONTROLLED Floralyte LED lights that produce great effects in or out of water. These new remote controlled submersible Floralytes are amazing with 10 very bright Multi-colored LED lights. The 10 LED's can be controlled to output 13 different colors with shades of RED, GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW, ORANGE and WHITE. They can remain in one color or there is a choice of changing between colors by using the FADE button (slow change from one color to another) or JUMP function (fast switch from one color to another) all of which is achieved via the Remote Controller. All LED's change color at the same time. 
These lights are great for all your special events such as Weddings, Parties, BBQs, Christenings, Halloween, Christmas and much more! Use at different events where a different color scheme is required or change the display part way through the event. No need to get your hands wet or disturb the display as they are all controlled by remote controller. 

To use: 
1) Unscrew the two halves of the light and fit the provided 3 x AAA batteries. 
2) Screw the two halves of the Floralyte tightly together again to ensure waterproof seal. 
3) Remove the battery keep fresh tab to activate the remote control unit. 
4) Place the light in the required position and press the remote control ON button to turn the light ON and the OFF button to turn the light OFF. Note: If the container the light is placed into is dark or thick the remote control operation may be affected and should then be directed through the vase opening or switch the light on first. The remote control function is also affected if the light batteries are low on charge. Turn OFF when not used! 
5) Use the remote controller to select the choice of color or function required. 

Download Instructions and user guide.

Product Summary:
  • 10 LED’s that change color according to remote control color selection.
  • Powered by 3 supplied AAA batteries that will last approximately 5hrs. For replacement batteries Duracell AAA Power Plus are recommended where operating time will be increased to approximately 10 hrs
  • Size: 2.8" in diameter and 0.9" high
  • To turn ON or OFF simply use the supplied remote controller (battery fitted)
  • Remote controller works up to 8m* Fully submersible in water 
  • Reusable - simply unscrew the base to replace the 3 x AAA batteries 
  • You will receive the following; A Blister Pack of  4 x 10 RGB LED Floralyte with 3 x AAA replaceable batteries supplied. Remote control unit and battery fitted.
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