Star Ceiling Panels

Twilight star ceiling tiles are easy to install. No more banging nails or forcing fiber through dry wall. Our plug-and-play Panel Systems make estimation easy as well, bringing high-end star ceiling experience within reach for home theaters and other environments. 
With premium acoustic materials and our exclusive LED technology, Twilight star panels offers the best quality for the best value. And as a result of the Exclusive Patented Design and Technology, our lighting effects mimic the random glimmer of the night sky unlike any system on the market. 

Our Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Panels make installations a breeze. Our star ceiling tiles are designed to attach directly to finished drywall. 

Our standard Surface Mount Panels are produced with 1” fiberglass. Each panel is wrapped in standard midnight black fabric. Each panel has a built in, all digital, LED Light source that draws only 2.3 W and is easily “daisy chained” to other panels for simple and worry free wiring. A 350W power supply will power up to 120 panels. Custom sizes and applications are available. 

Our Star Panel Kits are special order and may take up to 4-6 weeks for delivery. Please call if you need to have your panels sooner and we will see if that is a possibility. 

Download a FAQ's information sheet. Download a specification sheet for the panels. Download an owners manual. Download installation instructions.
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