Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber optic fibers convey light from the illuminator to each fixture. These fibers carry neither electricity nor any ultraviolet nor infrared radiation—all of those are captured at the illuminator.

SideGlow cable is a side (light) emitting cable composed of several individual strands of PMMA acrylic fibers (also referred to as "plastic fiber optic") covered by a covered by a clear PVC coating. SideGlow® is available in a wide range of diameters and in several models. The fiber strands inside the cable are twisted a round a reflective center core.

EndGlow cable is and end (light) emitting cable that uses the same PMMA acrylic strands as SideGlow except it is covered in an opaque black or white jacket.

EndPoint fiber is the "raw" fiber sold in individual strands by the spool. Light emits primarily from the end. However light can be observed emitting from the side as well.

Our Endglow Solid Cables are made from a Poly-Rubber Plastic. The Cable has a Black PVC and clear Teflon jacket surrounding the core. 

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