Fiber Optic Glass Block


  1. Lighting result will be more effective in dim or dark ambient light environment, such as night time. Wall should  not be spotlighted or have ambient light directly adjacent for best viewing.
  2. Typically, fiber/cable sizes 32, 42 and 84 strand.   Product must easily fit between blocks.
  3. Block surfaces (where fiber will run) should be CLEAR, FREE OF FIBROUS SURFACE OR PAINT, to allow light to flow into adjacent blocks.
  4. Use a CLEAR sealant (LEXEL or similar type) approximately 1/4" to 1/2" (6 - 12 mm) on either side of fiber in center of mortar line.
  5. End seals must be used at ends of single-ended runs. To avoid bright spot at end of fiber, extend fiber through wall to conceal it.
  6. Recommended maximum length with fiber lit from one end is 30' (9m). Recommended maximum length with fiber lit from both ends is 70' (21m).
  7. Color-phasing of color wheel will create a dynamic effect through color change. 

Watch this video to see how you can incorporate our LED Strip lighting into this track.

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42 Strand Side Glow
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