LED Dance Floor

Incorporating the latest LED technologies, Wiedamark has created the ultimate club experience by offering interactive dance floors that not only engages but can respond to the beat of the music.

We offer several options that are comprised of programmable LED lit tiles that are assembled together to form a floor of any size or shape.

Club Owner Benefits

  • Fresh & easily changed club environments.
  • Versatility. LED dance floors can be built into virtually any surface, allowing for countless combinations of immersing entertainment possibilities:
  • Interactive displays and messaging
  • Music visualizations
  • Animation displays

    Our LED dance floor technology can be used in many aspects of club design:

  • Ultra lounges
  • Dance cubes
  • Atmospheric wall displays
  • Bar tops

     *Calculating Dance Floor Size:

     Generally, never more than 50% of the people dance at any time. Each couple requires about nine square feet. If you have a party for 200 people (100 couples), 50 couples will be the maximum number dancing. You need 450 square feet of floor.

     People        Square Feet         Size (Feet) 

       100                225                      16x16

       150                337                      16x24

       200                450                      16x28

       250                562                      16x36

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