Madrix Lighting Software

The New Experience in Light Performances

MADRIX is a fresh experience in lighting control incorporating the latest technology for optimal use. This lighting control software beats most of the consoles available on the market and can be fully synchronized per DMX-IN, Art-Net Remote, MIDI-IN, Remote HTTP, and Touch Screen. With years of development, MADRIX is known as the most powerful LED lighting control software with slave control by use of any DMX controller via DMX-IN and up to 131,072 DMX channels.

Control Your Lights - Without Any Training

This application offers the perfect solution for clubs, DJs and VJs, bars, lounges, shows, stage performances, and conventions. The keywords for this comprehensive light control software are simple handling and an intuitive and easy to use graphical user interface. Moreover, two effect pipelines for programming effects as well as an output window will give you direct access to the light effects. MADRIX is an independent, stand-alone matrix controller with automatic recalculation of all effects in case of resizing the matrix size or selecting other lighting fixtures. Pixel mapping was never easier.

Real-time Audio Analysis for Amazing Effects

With a sound card and the unique Music2Light real-time effects, MADRIX creates a 100% synchronic light show. The software analyzes music in real time. In contrast to other light consoles or software solutions, the MADRIX light show runs automatically and synchronously to the music. You can use the digital sound processing based on WDM or ASIO with any audio source: audio-CD, record player, tape, MP3, WMA, microphone, etc.

Highly Versatile Universal Output

MADRIX is well equipped and includes a broad range of industrial standards to set the industry standard in the LED lighting control software sector. Regarding DMX512, Art-Net, Art-Net II, Streaming ACN,  Philips Color Kinetics, DVI, T9 and Insta & ROBE, MADRIX provides users with native support to easily address such products. The software delivers high quality output and easy access to simplify the process of working with your LED installation.                                    


This is the latest release version of the software MADRIX. This is also the latest demo version of MADRIX. You can test MADRIX for free. Every single feature will be available to you; only the data output towards hardware will be deactivated after each minute for a short period. The DVI windows are overlaid by a grid. Download MADRIX (130MB)  Madrix Fixture Catalog. Download madrix.mfl (1.2MB)

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