Mi Light Wifi

The revolutionary Milight is a Wi-Fi light bulb with iPhone lighting control. You can either switch it on, off, change color or even dim using your iPhone, ipad, iPod, tablet, or any other Android device through Wi-Fi technology. 

With Milight you can have complete home lighting control right in your pocket. After installing the Milight as regular bulbs or CFLs, you just have to download a free application to your smart phone and you are ready to control lights with iPhone. You may change the color to set an appropriate mood and to match the room décor or you can also use it to delightfully light up children’s bedroom. The dim control options can be used to dim the bed side lamp when you need to complete a presentation at night without disturbing your partner’s sleep and when you too are ready to sleep Milight can further be dimmed to serve as a night lamp.
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