Outdoor Rated 150 Watt Metal Halide Fiber Optic Illuminator

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The R-150 fiber optic illuminator is an economic high output fiber optic illuminator perfect for exterior applications. It uses a 150W metal halide lamp making it suitable for both side emitting and end emitting fiber optic lighting applications. Our unique design also integrates a second 120V power plug which allows the effect wheel to be remotely switched through a wall plate or home automation system making it perfect for applications where the illuminator is stored in hard to reach locations. 

  • Weatherproof Solid aluminium body 
  • Supplied with 8 color wheel or DMX option 
  • Separate wall plug for color wheel for switching remotely 
  • UV and IR filter 
  • Input Voltage: 110V 
  • Power Consumption: 180W 
  • IP Rating: IP 65
  • Effect Wheel: 8 Color Wheel: (white, purple, yellow, blue, green, orange, sky-blue and grass green) 
  • Twinkle Wheel: (mesh wheel with white and fragments of blue) 
  • Motor Speed: 1 RPM 
  • Motor Switch: 120V power plug to allow switching via wall plate or home automation systems ‘
  • Color Select’ button on rear of unit 
  • Lamp: Osram HQI-T or Philips CDM-T 150W Metal Halide Lamp 
  • Fiber Capacity: 1000 x 0.75mm fibers maximum 
  • Environment: Ambient operating temperature of +5º to +40º C 
  • Filters: Combined IR and UV 
  • Dimensions: 290mm L x 385mm W x 192mm H 
  • Weight: 11 kg 
  • Ferrule Size:  Outer OD. 2.2"  Overall Inner Opening: 1.6"  Overall Inner Hole Opening:  1.3"

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