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KN95 disposable face masks have been shown to have exceptional performance according to a technical bulletin published by 3M. These Face Masks meet KN95-level requirements (GB 2626-2006). MAIN FEATURES ​
  • Protection against dust, smog and haze, automobile exhaust and viruses. ​​
  • Adaptable Metallic Nose Bar ​
  • Anti-foaming ​
  • Zero facial discomfort 
  • ​​Ear Loops
  • First layer: 50g high quality SSS level Non-woven fabric 
  • Second layer: 45g high quality 100% ES hot air cotton 
  • Third layer: 25g high quality meltblown 
  • Fourth layer: 25g high quality meltblown 
  • Fifth layer: 25g high quality SSS level 
Download FDA certification.  Download specification sheet.
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