24V Flat View LED Flex Neon Blue Sold By The Meter

: $53.00

24V Flat View LED Flex Neon Blue Sold By The Meter


  • Adopts tri-chip SMD5050 LED as its light source
  • Adopts first-class eco-friendly UV-resistant PVC material
  • Flat surface, continuous and uniform illumination, no LED dot or dark spot
  • Environmentally friendly and energy saving
  • Transverse minimum bending diameter: 12cm
  • Easy to be installed, can be cut and reconnected (connection accessories available)
  • Protection Rating IP68 (All joints and connectors must be hermetically sealed to achieve IP68)


Especially suitable for indoor and outdoor architectural outline decorations, walkway and park guiding-line lighting system, and landscaping
Ideal for bridge, sculpture, building contour, and board fringe illuminating decoration

LED Neon Ribbon Light  (11.5*21mm) 

  • Dimension 11.5*21mm
  • LED Type SMD 5050
  • Material PVC-Ivory White Working
  • Voltage DC24V Rated Power / 7.2Watts for Red/Amber / 12Watts for Green/Blue/White
  • LED Qty/mtr 60LEDs LED Distance 1.67cm
  • Min. Cutting 10 LEDs for Red/Amber / 6 LEDs for Green/Blue/White
  • Cutting length 16.7cm for Red/Amber / 10cm for Green/Blue/White
  • Connection Maximum Red/Amber: 15M for Single Feed / 30M for Double End Feed  / Green/Blue/White: 10M for Single Feed / 20M for Double End Feed
  • IP Rating IP68
  • UL Listed
Download user manual.

Download specification sheet. 
Download wiring diagram.  
Download U.S. UL Certification 
Download Canada UL Certification.
Download Cutting Increment Chart.

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