4' x 8' Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Panel Kit

: $399.00
4' x 8' LED Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Panel Kit.  This kit is designed to be embedded in the back of an acoustical panel or headliner.  The kit includes 8 9' bundles of 24 .75mm fibers for a total of 192 fibers.  The LED engine has various effects that can be controlled via dip switches on the back of engine including shooting stars.  The LED's have a built-in program that makes stars look brighter and bigger to give it a very realistic starry effect. The all-digital, LED light source draws only 2.3 W and is easy “daisy chained” to other light engines via cat five cables to give them power.     A 12 Volt power supply is required for the first engine.  

Download specification sheet.

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