72 High Power RGB LED Wall Washer

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72  RGB (24 Red, 24 Blue, 24 Green) LED Wall Washer is the perfect solution for lighting up mansions, theaters, casinos, gardens, bridges, shopping centers, theme parks and entertainment plazas etc. The fixture comes with two control methods: self-control and DMX control. Under self-control, it will work under the pre-programmed lighting effect; while under DMX control, it will be compatible with any DMX512 console to meet lighting designers' specific lighting-effect requirements. Each fixture ships with a 1.6' female 3 Pin XLR adapter cable.  Six foot DMX adapter cables are available as a related product.        
Technical Specifications: 
  • Input Voltage: 120VAC/240VAC 
  • Color: RGB LED Qty: 72 3W LEDs 
  • Power Consumption: 180W
  • Dimension: 15.7" x 12.5" x 11.9" 
  • IP Rating: IP65 (applicable for dry, wet, damp environment) 
Features & Benefits: 
  • Super powerful and higher brightness at lower cost with 72 pieces of ultra bright LEDs (3 W) 
  • IP65 degree, perfect for dry, wet and damp environments; 
  • RGB color-changing modes controllable by most DMX consoles to get fancy performance; 
  • Each Red, Green, Blue LED has a 256 color depth and can provide a total amount of 16,777,216 different colors;
  • Ease of directing the light to the right spot with 180° rotary angle; 
  • With mounting gears and rotating for your easy installation and removal; 
  • Long life span of over 50,000 hours with high quality LEDs.
  • ETL Rated
Recommended Applications: Building facade lighting (grazing lighting, flooding lighting, washing lighting) for mansions, theaters, casinos, bridges, hotels and shopping centers; Indoor wash lighting (stage lighting, background lighting) for special events, concerts, clubs, hotels, theaters.

Download catalog sheet.  Download user manual.

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