Artnet-DMX-8 4096 channels

: $799.00
Artnet-DMX converter is the Ethernet Control System based on the Artnet protocol, used to convert the Artnet network date package into DMX512 date, adopting high-speed ARM processor, stable and reliable working. Following Art-net standard protocol, it supports RJ45 network interface and standard DMX512 output interface. Artnet-DMX-8 use standard 1U(19" ) chassis architecture, convenient installation in professional cabinet, easily operation setting with LCD display. Artnet-DMX-8 provides 8 standard DMX512 data output port, total output 8×512 data. It is compatible with all the effects lighting control software which support Art-net protocol, widely used in the LED dot matrix and the stage lighting control network in needing lots of DMX-512 data, especially for TV station recorded scene, stage performances, entertainment and so on. 

Performance Features 
  • Based on Artnet protocol network data communication, accept network DMX data. 
  • Can set two different IP address in each controller. 
  • Set different network segments to avoid multiple sets Artnet data interference. 
  • Manage Artnet on broadcast mode or unicast mode. 
  • Standard 1U(19" ) chassis architecture, convenient installation in the standard cabinet. 
  • With LCD screen display, convenient operation intuitive settings 
  • Provides 8 standard DMX512 data output port and can output total 8×512 data. 
  • Compatible with the light software based on Artnet Protocol, control stage lighting and LED lighting simultaneously.
Lead time approximately 2 weeks.

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