Ceiling End Fixtures

While fiber optics are great for creating night sky simulations, they can also be used for a whole range of other decorative lighting effects. One simple and relatively inexpensive way of adding some interesting lighting to a room is to use optical fibers to illuminate little crystal ceiling fittings. 

The brightness of the crystals depends partly on what light source is used to illuminate them and partly on the size of fiber used to carry the light from the light source to the crystal. Larger diameter fibres - such as 6mm - carry more light and we offer it in multistrand and solid core end glow.

Do bear in mind, that as with a star ceiling, this is essentially a decorative effect, to create mood and add interest to your décor - it should not be regarded as primary room lighting, no matter how many crystals you use.

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12D Sparkle Downlight
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12D Sparkle Downlight
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