Crystal Chandelier 500

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Tail Length::
A 9.84" diameter sphere with a 19.6" drop made from pure Bohemian crystals and illuminated by a remotely located illuminator with one fiber optic tail. As standard the fiber optic tail measures 3.28' in length This allows for the illuminator to be located up to 3.28' from the chandeliers position on the ceiling. If you need a longer tail, lengths up to 19.68' can be optionally specified.

This chandelier features a total drop length of 1.64', including its hanging rods and has a 35mm tall ceiling upstand.

The upstand comes as standard in chrome, but can be custom finished to suit your decor - please contact us to discuss your requirements.

The illuminator supplied with this chandelier is has an output power of 100W and is pre-fitted with a 6 color color wheel. This can be left to rotate slowly, changing the color of the chandelier as it goes, or you can stop it on one color to give a static light output.

The product is built per order and lead time is 7-10 days.  Download spec sheet.

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