Jebao 36 Watt Aquarium KOI Fish Pond UV Light Sterilizer

: $69.00
This Jebao 36 watt UV Sterilizer provides permanent control of algae. It removes heavy algae blooms usually within 5 days and keeps the pond algae free. This UV Sterilizer clears water while reducing pond maintenance. It is compacting, durable, easy to install and energy efficient and delivers full power from the ultraviolet bulb (bulb included). The Jebao PU-36 UV Sterilizer has a transparent indicator glass that allows easy viewing of flow rate and bulb function. Good for ponds up to 8800 gallons of water.

  • Compact, weatherproof design Safety switch design (UV cap must be closed before power on)
  • 36 Watts 2G11 base UV lamp included (also available for 2 lamps or 3 lamps option)
  • Max water flow 4400gph
  • Max pond size 8800gph
  • Inlet/outlet size: 3/4" - 1-1/2" or 1.5"   
  • Length: 21.0 inch Clarifies heavy algae blooms and prevents recurrence
  • Delivers full power from one bulb for one year
  • Reduces maintenance for a beautiful pond
  • Flexible and Rotatable inlet/outlet connectors
  • Compliments the water garden ...compact, durable and attractive Includes mount for use with other device
  • Complete with 22 ft cord and sealed plug
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