4.5W LED Candelabra E12 Base

: $15.00
  • New LED candelabra lamps
  • High light output, 300 lumens
  • 250º beam angle
  • Long lasting – LED lamps last up to 25,000 hours
  • Instant-on with no warm up time
  • LEDs emit no ultraviolet (UV) light or infrared radiation (IR)
  • Produces minimal heat – cool to the touch operation
  • Dimmable

2700K LED Candelabra, 4.5W, 300 lumens, 82 CRI, 250º beam angle


The candelabra 4.5W lamp has been designed to retrofit existing candelabra and candle type lamp installations, thereby reducing maintenance and energy expenditures - and as an energy saving light source for new fixtures and installations.

  • Decorative fixture applications
  • Hospitality and themed lighting
  • Residential lighting
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