LED RGB 24V DMX Controller SRC-181

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LED-RGB-CTRL-24V requires the use of LED-RGB-15A-24V 24V DC power supply for operation. Disconnect power at the source prior to operation. 

1. Connect the DC “OUT” from LED-RGB-15A-24V to the DC “IN” on LED-RGB-CTRL-24V 
2. Connect one of the included adapter cables to the Signal “OUT” on LED-RGB-CTRL-24 
3. Follow the wiring guide on the adapter cable to connect to RGB-NF-CONKIT-NP 
4. Follow mode instructions on page 2 LED-RGB-CTRL can be linked together by connecting the Signal “OUT” from first controller to the Signal “IN” on second controller. When multiple controllers are used, provide each one with a LED-RGB-15A-24V DC power supply. Do not exceed 65ft of RGB-NF in a single run, nor 88ft from a single controller. When power is applied, the default function is that the first controller in the series will become the master and the rest will become the secondary followers. The state indicator display screen will display “H” for master and “C” for secondary followers.

Download user guide.

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