LED SPI Digital DMX Decoder

: $65.00
The SR-SPI is a SPI LED controller which can work under RF mode and DMX mode to control a variety of digital IC LED strips. While under RF mode, it receives RF signal and can be compatible with all SR-1009 series remote controls, meanwhile it also can be WiFi controlled by mobile phones through WiFi Transmitter. While under DMX mode, it works as a DMX decoder and can be compatible with DMX512 masters. 

Key Features 
  • Compatible with kinds of digital IC LED strip 
  • Can work under RF or DMX mode 
  • Under RF mode,it matches with all SR-1009 series controllers, it also can be controlled by mobile phone through WiFi transmitter 
  • Under DMX mode,it can work as DMX decoder with standard DMX512 compliant interface to set DMX address easily
Download user manual. 

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