LED SPI Digital Pixel Controller

: $119.00
The SR-SPI-OLED is a smart LED pixel controller to control digital IC RGB/RGBW LED strip lights with SPI signal. Designed with an LCD backlit panel, the pixel controller allows for easy configuration of most settings. Four push buttons are available for control of the LCD functions. It supports RF/WiFi mode which can be controlled by RF remotes or APP installed on smart phones (IOS and Android) and DMX mode that can be controlled by DMX consoles and sequencing software. The LED controller is capable of addressing up to 1020 pixels and supports 34 types of driving IC. The number of pixel to be addressed and IC type that drives your LED lights can be configured via LCD. 7 types of RGB/RGBW color order are also configurable. Under RF mode, the controller has 35 built-in sequencing, chasing, changing and static colors which can be played with RF remotes and APP. Under DMX mode, it supports max. 512 decoding channels and is capable of addressing each pixel individually or addressing all pixels with only 3 channels (RGB) or 4 channels (RGBW). The DMX addresses (channel quantity) can be configurable via LCD. When working under DMX mode, the smart controller requires PC interface DMX console and sequencing software to create color sequences which meets different requirements. 

Key Features 
  • SPI signal output for control of RGB/RGBW pixel lights DMX512 controllable and RF/WiFi remote controllable 
  • Capable of addressing up to 1020 pixels 
  • The built-in, backlit LCD panel allows for easy configuration of most settings 
  • Four push buttons available for control of the LCD functions 
  • Supports 34 types of driving IC RGB/RGBW color order configurable 512 DMX decoding channels 
  • Support max. 3060 output channels configurable 35 built-in sequencing, chasing, changing and static colors under RF mode 
  • Compatible with a variety of RGB/RGBW RF remotes 
  • Works with PC interface DMX consoles and sequencing software 
Download user manual.

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