LED T8 2200 Lumens No Ballast Rewiring UL

: $24.99
The Spotlite Commercial Grade LED T8 replacement lamps are an energy saving LED alternative to traditional T8 fluorescent lamps. This lamp combines innovative optical and mechanical design features to achieve a light distribution similar to traditional fluorescent lamps while consuming less electricial power. The Commercial Grade LED T8 replacement lamp has a dedicated isolated internal driver and is designed to be a direct fluorescent replacement. The isolated driver will allow the LED tube to last longer. 

  • 30000 hrs rated life 
  • Non-Dimmable 
  • 2200 lumens 
  • 120 degree beam angle 
  • Cool white 
  • Lower installation cost 
  • No ballast rewiring required 
  • Isolated driver Driver will last longer 
  • No need to rewire the fixture 
  • No need to remove the ballast No UV / No IR 
  • Instant On 
  • Instant Fit
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • UL Approved
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