LED Video Curtain

Our LED Video Curtains will change the way think about doing large scale video. Simply unfold, hang, connect the display cables and you're ready to go!  

Whether for clubs, concerts, festivals, advertising, halls, shop windows or exhibitions, LED Video Curtains are perfect solutions for advertising and entertaining purposes. With an IP44 rating, they can even be used outdoors for temporary installations. 

Our LED Video Curtain displays have an amazingly smooth and clear image. With a refresh frequency of more than 600Hz, they produce stable images without flicker, making them perfect for your professional situation. Additionally, all LED Video Curtains can produce up to 16.7 million colors . With pixel pitches ranging from 100mm to 20mm, the product line can display everything from amazing graphical patterns to high resolution video. 

LED Video Curtains can be customized to fit your needs. You can even choose to have your LED Video Curtain as one panel or multiple panels for easier mounting. Need a bigger screen? Simply add additional panels, connect the linking cables, and the video software automatically reconfigures to the new size. No complicated reconfiguration is needed. Contact for special sizes to meet your desired size based on this chart.

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