LT-600 Controller

: $599.00
Product Features 
  • Controller collect 5 kinds major function, which reached by previous multiple controllers. Ethernet real time computer control via synchronous display. Offline SD card store request program. 
  • Controlling various LED driving chips, the LED lights base on the following IC can be controlled 74HC595,6B595,MBI5026, DM134,ZQ9712,LPD6803,LPD1101,D705,UCS6909,UCS6912, WS2801 WS2803,HL1609,SM16716,,SD600,P9813,LPD8803,LPD8806,LPD8809 ,LPD8812,TLS3001,TLS3002, TLS3003,TM1803,TM1804,TM1809,TM1812 IC etc. 
  • LED lights not only in accordance with the rule of cabling, but also support a variety any cabling's abnormal lighting project. 
  • Extra large control capability,16 channels signal output,max. control 32768 full color pixels per LT-600. Support network .synchronization of multiple controllers,multiple networked can control max. 250,000 full-color pixels. 
  • On-line controlling adopt universal 10/100/1000MBPS network interface, with TCP/IP standard ethernet protocol, wide range. Reliable communication,support WiFi wireless network transmission and real-time simultaneous display. Also can.use internet's remote control to achieve real- time simultaneous display. 
  • Adopting advanced image processing technology. Online synchronous play doesn't need to add DVI display adapter and send cards,any desktop and laptop can control it,convenient for project's debugging and demonstration. 
  • Adopting the way of network synchronization,synchronous controlling of multiple can be achieved through network switched. 
  • Animation, video files converted generate ultra-fidelity off SD card's read files. ultra-small size, let the time of request program longer. And the content more affluent; SD card is easy to play the animation, either pull down and then use card reader to update, can also be updated remotely via ethernet. 
  • Advanced color grey level processing technology,consistent with human eye’s visual sensory,display effect will more vivid, higher brightness, richer color. Effectively remove the tooth angle produced by the floating line in video. Show the smooth and natural image.
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