Minleon Advanced Mini Controller

: $28.00

Minleon Advanced Multifunction Mini Controller Mini-Controller (V2) - an entry level controller capable of 'controlling' up to 500 Lights on a single string, but can 'operate' up to 5,000 Lights (10 drops of 500 Lights strings each) when wired in parallel. Comes with 24 different effects built in that can run at different speeds and colors. The USB port allows live control via PC and is controlled using Minleon's LightShow Pro software There is also a wide variety of accessories available for the standard mini controller that can extend the capabilities of the Minleon RGB system. 

  • Controls Minleon RGB Lights, modules, strips, Tricklits and snowtubes.
  • Connect up to 500 individually controlled lights to one controller or 5000 lights if grouping lights using the additional Minleon T piece.
  • Full remote control functions with two memery recall buttons and light intensity control 24 different amazing colorful effects with multiple variations per effect.
  • Easy setup and use – Plug and Play Create pastel or white shade colors Safe low voltage (12VDC)
  • Create and store your own effects using the advanced remote control Remembers the last effect used after powering off the controller
  • Can be connected to Minleons LightShow Pro sequencing software to gain full control of your lights via the computer
  • Easy setup of number of lights connected to the controller
Download user manual.  Download a Quick Start guide for the advanced mini controller.  Download specification sheet.

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