Power Repeater Add On UL Rated LED RGB Strip Kit

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LED RGB Strip Kit With Remote Controller.  The kit ships pre-wired, ready to "plug and play" and includes the following:  5 or 10 meter UL RGB Waterproof Strip Lighting, UL outdoor rated 24VDC power supply and a power repeater. The power supply does not come with a 3 prong plug.  It can be hard wired or a 3 prong plug can be attached.

Our UL Series waterproof flexible led strip incorporates a full PVC cover, does not employ sealing glue, greatly improving the water-resistant function of products.  They have a long lifetime and a high stability, are UV resistant and energy saving, work in harsh temperature conditions -5℃~40℃ and does not turn yellow. The unique empty core structure makes LED's heating sinking more effective to ensure the longest life of the LED's. 

The High Density 24V Brighter Flexible LED Strip Light is our brightest light strip. At up to 360 lumens per foot, it's twice as bright as our standard Flexible LED Strip Light.

This high-output, high-intensity LED lighting works well for lighting installations that are larger than most, or require a light that can illuminate over a long distance. Whether for illuminating signs, display, or exhibit lighting, large cabinet lighting, project lighting, and any sort of close application task lighting, this strip gives you the brightest light of any of our strips. Despite its brightness, the low energy consumption of this strip means you not only save money, but the low voltage power lessens the chance of electrical shock and fire danger. 

24V UL RGB Strip Specification

Voltage: 24V DC
Energy Consumption per foot: 4.4W / 72W Max per 5 meters / 144W Max per 10 meters
Max. Run Length: 32.8 ft.
Chip Type: 5050 SMD
Cuttable: every 6 chips / 4 in.
Chip Spacing: 0.65 in. (between centers)
           0.45 in. (between edges)
Spool Length: 16.4 ft / 32.8 ft.
Width: 0.53 in.
Height: 0.27 in.
Operating Temp.: 77° F / 25° C
Ambient Operating Temp.: -25° ~ +60° C
UV/IR Radiation: None
Lifespan: 50,000 hours

Power Repeater Specification

Voltage: 12-24V
Wattage: 96-196W


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