80 Watt RGBW LED Indoor Fiber Optic Illuminator UL Rated

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IMP Indoor Rated, 80 Watt Color Changing LED, Fiber Optic Lightsource The IMP-8000 DIS-4 Series LED Light Source is a 5-channel DMX illuminator. 4 Channels for RGBW and 1 Channel for Animation Motor.  This light source can be used as a standalone or can be programmable using DMX 512.

HIGH CONTROL RESOLUTION The IMP DIS Series LED Light Source supports a 16-bit control resolution per output channel for accurate dimming and fine color mixing. 

LOW EMI Slow-rate controlled dimming and shielded conductors keep the driver’s EMI emissions at a very low level. 

ANIMATION IMP DIS Series LED Light Source has a 10rpm (top speed) DC motor than can be speed controlled via DMX with an attached sparkle wheel. 

ROBUST THERMAL MANAGEMENT The IMP’s Sync® module creates turbulent, pulsated air-jets that can be directed precisely to locations where thermal management is needed. The vortex-dominated SynJet flow enhances small-scale mixing near the heated surfaces to yield higher effective heat transfer at low-volume flow rates compared to conventional air movers. The SynJet flow is created using a patented actuator technology and proprietary fluidic packaging expertise. 

  • 5400 lumens output - brightest in the industry 
  • Thermal sensor protection for longer LED lifespan 
  • Holds 1,000 .75mm fibers & ships with two reducers (500 .75mm & 150 .75mm)
  • Accurate, smooth dimming and high-res color mixing 
  • Drive, control and thermal protection per fixture 
  • Easy network 
Download specification sheet.
Download wiring diagrams.
Download instructions for the toggle switch.

Build to order.   2-3 week lead time.

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