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RISE F080 DUO pairs up two RISE F080 SINGLE units using a single-point bracket. From one single installation point, Lighting Designers can increase lumen power (up to 1400 lumens) and/or aim each light fixture in different directions. Each fixture head can be specified with a unique beam angle and lumen output for application specific needs. This powerful and compact unit is ideal for spot, accent, landscape, façade, and floodlight applications. RISE | F080 DUO is available in horizontal or vertical configurations.


RISE is the next generation of exterior lighting, designed to deliver powerful options and unique configurability for lighting designers. 
  • 5° Laser Spot Featuring the world’s only 5° Laser Spot beam angle, RISE delivers a high-quality tight beam with a Center Beam Candle Power (CBCP) that is twice as powerful as competitors. Ideal for precise lighting. 
  • MACRO™ Lock Also unique to RISE is the patent-pending MACRO™ Lock aiming feature that allows for full 180° tilt and 360° pan using a single screw. Nice and easy to install and aim. 
  • Color Consistency RISE delivers a CCT color palette that matches consistently with TROV CCTs for uniformity of color throughout your application. 
  • DUO, QUAD & COMBO Bracketry RISE features a new-to-the-world bracketry system for ultimate scalability and control. From one single installation point, Lighting Designers can double or quadruple lumen power and/or aim multiple light fixtures in different directions. 

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