Small Sparkle Fiber Chandelier

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Base Overview

The small Sparkle Fiber Chandelier has a 14.37" diameter ceiling upstand with 3 rings of holes to take the fiber optic tails. The number of holes in each ring is detailed in the table below.

Note that in models with an integral illuminator, the upstand has a collar in the center to allow the illuminator to be mounted.

Base size Ring 1 tails Ring 2 tails Ring 3 tails
14.37" 42 33 24

Integral Illuminator Option

The integral illuminator option is suitable for use where no access is available above the ceiling to locate a separate illuminator unit. Powered by a 100W tungsten halogen lamp, this illuminator has a pre-installed 6 color color wheel and is supplied with a remote control unit to switch the color wheel on and off.

Tail Length Options

The chandelier is available with varying tail lengths, which can be chosen from the options at the bottom of the page. The table below shows the lengths of each ring of tails, depending on the maximum length chosen. Ring 1 is the outermost ring, working inwards.

Max Length Ring 1 length Ring 2 length Ring 3 length
13.12' 3.8m 3.9m 13.12'
9.84' 9.19' 2.9m 9.84'
6.56' 5.90' 6.23' 6.56'
3.28' 2.63' 2.95' 3.28'

Built to order.  Lead time 7-10 days.  Download spec sheet.
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