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Dan Gombos and Shindig Lighting.

The Event:

A cocktail party for Denver-based, !mpossible Pictures, a video production company for networks and advertising agencies.
Located at Remi’s Atrium in New York City, !mpossible Pictures were hosting an Open House for all current and potential clients and knew exactly what they wanted as far as lighting was concerned.

room02 The Goal:

Colorful up-lighting for the atrium’s 8 pillars, 70 feet in height, with minimum power usage.

Dan Gombos, of Shindig Lighting, explains, “Power was a real issue at this venue…so I decided LED’s would be the best route to go, which gave me unlimited colors. All of the fixtures used less than a total of 500 watts.”

The Choice:

ColorWasher 252 fixtures, designed for large-scale interior applications with bright output and value in mind.

“I had worked with both high-end, low-end, and mid-range LED fixtures before,” notes Gombos. “Although it’s like comparing apples to oranges, this was a comparison [of the CW252’s] to the Philips/CK ColorBlast 12 fixtures.”

“While the ColorBlasts may use 1watt LED’s and the CW252 uses 10mm LED’s, the total amount of LED’s in the CW252 looks like it equals the output of the ColorBlasts.…given my applications, it was a no-brainer to choose the CW252. At more than half the cost of a ColorBlast, you can have two great fixtures that up-light almost anything.”

The Result:

More than pleased.

Gombos explains, “I was using these for the first time and lost a night of sleep over whether or not they would be able to reach the ceiling of the atrium. I was more than pleased. The colors were bright and vivid along the ceiling and did cast a glow on the attendees below...I wouldn’t hesitate to light up pillars even 80’ tall.” “I would highly recommend these…The customer not only receives a solid fixture, but great customer support and a low price.”

Special thanks to Dan Gombos, of
Shindig lighting, for sharing hisproject photos and product review.

Shindig Lighting is a high-end, Specialty up-lighting, event lighting and design company specializing weddings, corporate events, bar/bat mitzvahs, fundraisers, and other gala events. Servicing NYC, greater New York area, and Connecticut, Shindig Lighting is a WDM Reseller and sole up-lighting company for the state of Connecticut.



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