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Manufactured in France for over 40 years, Barrisol Stretch Ceiling and Wall Systems is one of the most interesting and innovative ceiling systems in the world. The system is stretched in place between perimeter rails and can assume almost any shape imaginable. An example of Barrisol’s almost limitless design capabilities is that it comes in approx. 110 different colors and textures. The finish options include Matt, Satin, Laquer, Metallic and Suede. One of the most interesting finish options is translucent. By using a translucent sheet, you can create any kind of lighting element imaginable with well diffused, even light. Barrisol is often used because of its outstanding acoustic properties. 

When used in conjunction with other sound attenuating materials, Barrisol can achieve extremely high NRC ratings all the time looking like a standard plaster or sheetrock ceiling or wall. Don’t get stuck in the same old ceiling designs. Use your ceilings as a way to express your creativity with Barrisol.

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