ColorReach Powercore

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ColorReach™ Powercore, our flagship, high-performance architectural floodlight, is the first LED fixture powerful enough to brilliantly and dynamically illuminate large-scale façades and structures. With significantly more lumen output than any other competitive fixture and unprecedented light projection of over 500 feet, this powerful fixture represents the next generation in exterior illumination.

  • Incorporates Powercore® technology to directly accept line voltage for ease of installation
  • With an output of over 5,000 lumens, offers legitimate LED-based illumination of large-scale structures and objects
  • Optional spread lenses of 8°, 13°, 23°, 40°, 63°, and an asymmetric 5° x 17° support a multitude of applications
  • Rugged, slim-profile mounting bracket allows simple positioning and fixture rotation through a full 360°
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Reach Accessory Holder
List Price: $363.00
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Reach Accessory Holder
Reach Egg Crate
List Price: $280.00
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Reach Egg Crate
Reach High Hat
List Price: $242.00
: $203.00
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Reach High Hat
Reach Barn Door
List Price: $385.00
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You Save: $53.00
Reach Barn Door
Reach Compact Wall Mount Arm
: From $245.00 to $385.00
Reach Compact Wall Mount Arm
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