RGBW RGBA 4 Channel DMX Decoder RJ45

: $69.00
The 4 Channel DMX512 RGBA or RGBW decoder will drive any of our RGB Flexible strip lighting with the added advantage of driving a fourth channel of either white or amber.   
  • DMX512 compliant control interface, manual/automatic addressable and address shows via numerical digital
  • 3-channel/4-channel output selectable, Max 8A per channel.
  • Input & output Voltage: 12-24
  • Load Current: 3/4×5A and 3/4×8A,3/4/5×5A and 3/4/5×8A
  • Max Load Power: 3/4×60-180W and 3/4×96-288W and 3/4/5×60-180W,3/4/5×96-288W
  • Working Temperature: -20-+50℃
  • Load Type: 0.04-0.1W (regular LED)
  • Appearance Dimension: L178×W45×H19 mm and L178×W58×H29
Click to download a user manual.


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