Fiber Curtain

Typical star density is around 4 points per square foot but can be more or less depending on your budget and preferences. Two 20 ft by 18 ft (6 metre by 5.5 metre) Starscape Star Cloths made an effective backdrop to this very impressive set for a colorful production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat".

This has a drop of 10 ft and is probably our most popular size. As a general rule we'd suggest a modular approach to covering large areas - in other words go for two medium sized cloths rather than a single large one. Large cloths are quite heavy and unwieldy, so for ease of handling we'd recommend keeping individual cloth sizes below 100 square feet, where possible.

A star cloth (or star curtain) is a piece of heavy black fabric studded with endglow optical fibers. The glowing fiber points are evenly distributed across the surface of the cloth and change color or twinkle according to the set-up of the light source which provides the illumination. Normally  a 75 watt light source is used with a star curtain but righter lightsources and DMX lightsources are available.

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