Fiber Optic Sparkle 1 1.0mm Strand Spool

: $279.00
1500 Meter (4,921 FT) Spool, Fiber Optic Sparkle Cable   Cable consists of 1 1.0mm knicked fibers.  Overall diameter 1.59mm. 
  • The single knicked fiber is encased in a flexible clear UV stabilized PVC jacket for side lighting applications. 
  • The etched technology creates bright points to be brilliantly visible with a low amount of light diffusion which allows Fibers to maintain a uniform brightness along entire cable length.
  • Distinctive twinkle effect unlike any others on the market.
  • Neon-like, uniform illumination through the length of the cable.
  • Remote lighting with no electricity, heat, UV, and infrared.
  • Elegant and dynamic color change of illumination.
  • Each 1.0mm diameter plastic fiber strand is made from proprietary high grade PMMA-based compound that is extremely durable and flexible.
  • Suitable for interior, exterior, and underwater applications.

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