Fiber Optic Star Ceilings

Wiedamark is the world's largest supplier of fiber optic star ceiling solutions. We have developed a strong reputation for providing outstanding customer service and support to clients seeking our assistance on their starry projects.  Our solutions range from a vast array of economical star ceiling kits to manufactured star ceiling panels shipped ready to plug and play.  Our star ceiling kits provide everything you need including an illuminator, fiber optic cable and complete installation instructions.  We offer a wide range of bundle sizes and lengths and can do custom kits specific to your project.  If you don't find a kit to meet your requirement, contact us for a quote. All of our kits are assembled in our Dallas facility and typically ship out the same day as ordered.  
If your new to fiber optic lighting, be sure and read up on some great installation tips from some of our customers.
Read a viral internet story of the "step by step" instructions one of our customer shared on how he built his star ceiling for his new baby boy.

We are very aware of the many cheap China star ceiling kits being sold in our marketplace.  Read about the Wiedamark advantage and why our fiber optic star ceiling kits are ultimately the best solution available.  

Before you start browsing our categories check out how to determine the right kit for your project.
If need assistance with your project, please call us at 800-893-9787.  
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