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Lighting has achieved a milestone with the development of LED technology.

Fluorescent, long the savior of environmentalists has now taken a back seat to LED. One 6 watt LED light bulb can potentially last up to 58,500 or more hours than a 60 watt incandescent bulb, and potentially 50,000 more hours than a CFL. We comfortably claim 'up to 50,000 hours' on our retrofit LED bulbs while providing socially responsible lighting technology.

We didn't start the 'retrofit revolution'. The environment's need for an alternative light source did. However, Wiedamark is feeding the retrofit revolution with high quality, dependable LED retrofit lamps.

You don't need a special retrofit kit to swap out your energy inefficient lamps and bulbs with our quality LED retrofit products. Just discard the old bulb, and replace with the new.

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