LED 19.5"/39" LED Bar

19.5"/39" Led Remote Controllable Wall Washer
Reviewer: Brian Turnipseed 8.02.07

19.5 LED Wall Washer Overview:
The new WDM 19.5 and 39" LED Wall Washer is an outdoor rated unit with the ability to be controlled via a remote control or standard DMX. These units consist of a total of 242 1mm LEDs for the 39" fixture and 144 for the 19.5" fixture.
The main feature you will notice right off the bat is the ability to be remote controlled. This is new feature to these types of fixtures and is very handy to have whether you plan on running 1 fixture standalone or 50 fixtures via DMX. When I use the term "standalone" yes, I mean you can use this unit by itself without any other type of controller. Literally plug it in, and set your preferred color/mode with the remote. You also have the ability to jump the fixtures together either end to end or with jumper cables and set your first fixture as a master and the rest as slaves. Thus giving you the ease of telling many fixtures to do the same thing and be synced together. Now if you're needing a more advanced program then you have the option of DMXing the fixtures. Keep in mind there are no dip switches on these units and all addressing is done on the remote control. This means whether you are DMXing them or not, you must have the remote.
Click for larger image One of the greatest things about these units is the amount of features on the remote itself. Modes consist of:
-Static Color - Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, Cyan, White
-Custom Color
-Color Change
-Color Wash

-Sound Activated
-DMX Mode
I have found through extensive testing that these lights have a beautiul color spectrum, which you can see to the left, and they can easily throw light about 30'-40.' In the example to the left we are using three 39" bars on a custom DMX program. The wall is approx. 20' X 10'.
Can be used with a DMX controller.
-At this price range there really isn't any similar fixture that can touch the capabilities and features of this fixture. To achieve simliar effects with any other fixture you're looking to spend a significant amount more.
Click for larger image -The ability to run standalone with a remote control is great for the average person that isn't DMX inclined.
-Light Intensity
-Remote Controllable - Although it is an awesome feature if you lose this remote you really are hosed. Purchasing a backup isn't a bad idea.
-Outdoor Rated DMX Cables - Since these fixtures are outdoor rated they require outdoor rated DMX cables which are typically not sold in your local stores. Be sure to get them from us, or make sure the ones you get are compatible!
Bottom Line
If you're looking to wash walls/light your stage...really do anything that require a large amount of color changing light there is no fixture on the market that will beat these. The out of the box capabilities with this fixture are unrivaled.

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