Single Color LED Battery Powered Light

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The 80 LED lights are custom made to produce an even glow, similar to a light bulb, rather than the directional beams of light used in our standard light bases. It will also work well for lighting large acrylic cubes or columns. The fixture has rubber feet and comes with a detachable mounting plate for use on walls, ceilings or under a table. For spandex skirts we recommend mounting under the table instead of on the floor. The on/off switch is on the side and includes a plug jack for use with an adapter. The lens is removable, making it possible to expose the LEDs or cover them with another material, such as glass. Recommended application, depending on room lighting, is 1 per 3' rectangle or round table, 1 per 4' rectangle table and 2 for 5' or 6' rectangle tables. Round tables in 4', 5' and 6' may require 1 additional light. Low room lighting is essential, the darker it is, the better it looks. Available in white, red, blue or green LED. 
  • Size: 10.5" x 6" 
  • Battery: Batt-D x 4 (not included) 
  • Adapter: 4.5V (not included) 
  • Colors: blue, green, red, white

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