LED Lamps

LED Bulbs or Lamps

LED Bulbs (also call LED Lamps) are an easy way to “go green” and save energy.LED Light Bulbs (lamps) are provided in the common styles of fitting (mr16, mr11, e26). The most common light bulb (lamp) fitting in the residential housing is e26 or Edison style. E26 LED Lamps makes the transition from conventional light bulbs to LED lamps easy.

Using LED Lamps for residential or commercial lighting saves on both energy and replacement cost. LEDs use less energy and can last up to seven years. Which means frequently replacing “hard-to-reach” Light Bulbs a thing of the past.

In recent years, advancements in LED technology has made it more affordable to provide “white” temperature LED Light bulbs. The latest white LED Lamps provide the same brightness and quality as conventional light bulbs. 

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