Our RGB LED rope is an economical way to create exciting lighting solutions for projects that require a glow effect of 2-3' in distance. The rope is flat with 3 rows of LED's- red, blue, & green spaced one inch a part. Mixing these three primary colors allows for millions of color combinations. Because the rope is flat, the LED's are directional which makes it brighter for your application. Perfect for lighting alcoves, undercounter/bar tops, glass shelves & more. Because it is outdoor rated, it has additional applications limited only by your imagination. Several customers use our RGB to outline roof eaves or building columns or facades. The product is very simple to install with two different controllers. The power connector has four pins that attach to the rope and has four wires that will connect to the controller. Three of the wires power the red, blue and green LED's. The fourth wire is the power/data wire. The simple 8 function controller is a good solution to demo the product but does not offer the ability to be controlled beyond the pre-programmed effects. Our deluxe controller offers the following features: 7 solid colors, color change and color fade/wash. You also have the ability to control the speed of the change in the color fade/color change mode. Mounting clips are available that make it very easy to attach to surfaces that can accept small screws...such as sheetrock, wood etc.


  • Price! Comes in around $8 a foot.

  • Simple to use. Controllers are easy to install and simply "plug and play".

  • Very Bright with numerous color options.


  • Cuts at 39 inches so not as flexible as other RGB strip like products.

  • Currently not DMX controllable so you are limited to the color options of the controller.

  • Bending capabilities. Because the rope is 1" thick and flat, it cannot easily make sharp bend angles for circular applications.

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