LED Snowfall Lighting

LED Snowfall lights are ideal for commercial areas seeking to create a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere that attracts visitors. The animated, attention-grabbing lights create the look of falling snow with random chase LED light strings that are designed to dangle from tree branches or other fixtures. Utilizing energy efficient, long-lasting LEDs, the Snowfall Lights consume less than 5 watts and include up to 256 LEDs per string for a robust and dynamic look. In addition, the Snowfall Lights use small lens LEDs that are arrayed in ladder-like patterns to create snowflake pinpoints for a more realistic look. This look, as well as the lights’ superior efficiency, are enabled by modern LED technologies and would be difficult to replicate with incandescent light strings.
  • Create the look of falling snow with random chase LED light strings that are designed to dangle from tree branches or other areas 
  • Small lens LEDs are arranged in ladder like pattern that creates snowflake pinpoints for a more realistic look
  • A unique new look for seasonal decor employs low energy (less than 5 watts per string) and long lasting LEDs
  • Snowfall strings have between 64 and 256 LEDs per string for an eye-catching look
  • Lengths from 0.5 meters to 3 meters in half meter increments - timing of "snowfall" pattern varies by length, use a variety of lengths to create a diverse and random look
  • Available in Warm White and Pure White LED colors
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12V LED Snowfall Power Supply
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12V LED Snowfall Power Supply
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