LED String Lighting

  • Commercial grade seasonal lighting, designed for large decorating projects - malls, holiday lighting displays, municipal displays, and office parks
  • Save up to 90% over conventional light strings
  • Connect up to 125 light strings to a single power source using just one power adapter
  • Three season warranty
  • Coaxial based power connections provide reliable strain relief
  • Long lasting and durable, use year after year without failures or bulb breakage
  • Multiple choices for lens styles, colors and power accessories to address every seasonal and decorative application
  • Heavy duty construction - 20AWG green wire, 6" bulb spacing
  • CSA(US) listed for indoor and outdoor use


5MM  This unique new lens style provides more of a sparkle effect previously only found with incandescent lighting.  Each lens is a 5mm cone with an indented top to provide 180 degrees of light dispersion.  A great style for decorating trees and other shrubbery, these strings will enhance any decorative or seasonal lighting display for years to come. 

MINI  The MINI lens style is in the shape of a traditional mini light bulb.  Traditionally used to decorate trees and other foliage (either in the limbs or as a trunk wrap), this versatile light style combines the benefits of LEDs with one of the most popular bulb sizes. 

G12  The G12 lens style is a round shape, approximately one-half inch in diameter.  It provides a decorative alternative to the mini light style and is used primarily to decorate trees and other foliage.  It's round shape provides the ability to insert "berries" into trees or plants or just enables a slightly different lighting effect than either the M5 or conical lens styles. 

C6  The smallest of the "strawberry" shaped lens styles, the C6 is a versatile bulb shape, suitable for decorating both greenery and some building applications.  The lens is approximately 1-1/8" tall by 3/4" wide and is typically used in applications requiring more "pop" than provided by the smaller lens styles. 

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100' Commercial Grade String Light
: From $149.00 to $160.00
100' Commercial Grade String Light
48' Commercial Grade String Light
: From $75.00 to $89.00
48' Commercial Grade String Light
: From $10.99 to $75.00
Commercial Grade LED String Spacer
: From $3.00 to $10.00
Commercial Grade LED String Spacer
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