LED Video

An increasing popular backdrop for entertainment applications is the use of an array of LED-backlit tiles, each acting as a single pixel to display video or still imagery.

We offer integrated software/hardware solutions that allows video-based, control of LED solid-state lighting systems, intuitively facilitating the reproduction of complex video effects in a lighting installation. It converts standard live video signals from a variety of media sources, including media servers, DVD players, camcorders, and personal computers, and streams the video content to our LED panels, tube lights, rope, and pixel lights.

This new technology opens a wide array of applications such as Video walls, ceilings, dance floors and more. Because our products are outdoor rated, you have an advertisment media that can give you that "Times Square" on the side of your building at significantly less cost than LCD technology offered today.

To make these products available at the most competitive price point, please expect a 3-4 week delivery of your product.

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