LED Video Dance Floor

Technical Specifications: LED Qty: 256pcs LED Luminous flux: 145LM(white) Operating temperature: 0-40o C Operating humidity:0-95% IP rating:IP44 Controlling Mode: Control system: SRC-258C controller Signal faucet: 8-pin aeronautic connector Electrical Specifications: input voltage: Ac90-264V Operating voltage: DC5V Max power consumption: 60 Watt Product Specifications: Shield material: 2-layer toughened glass with rubber inside Lighting fixture material: ABS Dimension: L500 * W500 * H84mm Net weight: 15Kg

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15.7" x 15.7" LED Video Dance Floor 25mm Pitch
: $349.00
15.7" x 15.7" LED Video Dance Floor 25mm Pitch
Our LED Digitial Dance Floor is a new stage lighting product that uses R, G and B LED as light source. Advanced micro-electrical technology, digital technology, video technology are applied. Connected with Video Control System through PC DVI, it can play
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