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Video System Manager


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Video System Manager Pro is an integrated hardware and software solution enabling video playback and visual effects output on Philips Color Kinetics intelligent solid-state lighting systems. VSM Pro converts standard video content from a variety of media sources and outputs the content to installations containing thousands of individually controlled LED nodes. VSM Pro lets you create video on almost any interior or exterior surface where conventional high-resolution video screens might be impractical or cost prohibitive.

  • VSM Pro accepts direct input from industry standard media devices and operates on dedicated Ethernet networks, letting you spend more time on the creative aspects of lighting design and less time on setup.
  • Solid-state drives reduce the number of moving parts to enhance the reliability of the Video System Manager Pro hardware.
  • VSM Pro delivers 1:1 output (ratio to source video) up to 1024 x 768 resolution, providing the highest quality digital video possible.
  • VSM Pro streams video content to intelligent color-changing and tunable white light LED lighting fixtures from Philips Color Kinetics. Create large-scale video installations without the cost of a conventional video wall.
  • Hardware support for small, medium, or large-scale lighting installations — VSM Pro hardware processes output for up to 250,000 individual LED nodes.
  • VSM Pro’s software provides built-in node-mapping and light discovery features, eliminating the need for additional tools, and reducing installation time.
  • Combine VSM Pro’s flexible playback capabilities with the content creation, visual effects editing, and scheduling features of third-party systems to create stunning video environments. 

Video System Manager Pro Product Guide
Video System Manager Pro Specification Sheet

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