Reunion Tower Glows for Fireworks Display

Reunion Tower Glows for Fireworks Display

Since 1977, Reunion Tower has been the centerpiece of the Dallas skyline – a 560-foot-tall building with a signature spherical top. It’s long acted as a beacon for travelers, signifying the arrival to the city’s busy Downtown District.   It was even featured in the opening scenes of the famous television show called Dallas.

On a clear day, you can see it from miles away – and on a clear night, even further, thanks to the 259 custom LED light fixtures attached to its outer structure developed and installed by Wiedamark in 2011.  The lighting mechanism behind those custom fixtures each contain three separate LED lights comprised of 12 nodes, totaling 36 nodes inside each fixture – that’s 9,324 individual lights for those counting, totaling upward of 16.7 million possible color combinations.

Annual holiday light shows are now part of The Ball’s light-up schedule, as well as congratulatory messages for local sports teams. Occasionally, citywide initiatives call for The Ball and other signature buildings in Downtown Dallas to come together for coordinated light shows. As a group, they’ll light up in matching colors for efforts like cancer awareness and Fourth of July celebrations.

At year’s end, The Ball takes top honors for ringing Dallas into the New Year. Combining its lighting abilities with a 360-degree pyrotechnic show, New Year’s Eve at the tower is an over-the-top display with fireworks exploding from the top of The Ball. It’s the only show of its kind in the Central time zone.

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