LED MaxColor Table Skirt Light

: $199.00
The Maxcolor Table Skirt Light produces a wide angle glow, similar to a light bulb. It also provides ideal illumination for large acrylic cubes, cylinders and other shapes. The remote control will operate through single layer cloth skirts and semi-transparent plastics. The Table Skirt Light has rubber feet and comes with a removable mounting plate which can be used for walls, ceilings or the underside of tables. Charge time on the Table Skirt Light is approximately 8 hours. Run time is 8+ hours. The charging adapter is included. 

  • Remote Control 
  • 20 pre-programmed colors 
  • 6 flash and fade modes 
  • 6 create-and-save your own color settings. 
  • Rechargeable (no standard batteries) 
  •  Brightness adjustable

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