The Northern Rose Rock Sculpture

The Northern Rose Rock Sculpture

The Northern Rose represents the frontier spirit that flowered among the immigrants who settled in the Red River Valley in the late 19th Century; people who survived the loneliness and desolation of the area to carve a better future for themselves and their children. Immigrants worked the land; settled towns and cities—they started businesses and came to love the beauty of this northern region.

This rock sculpture symbolizes the settler’s strength and courage as it mirrors the rose that survived the brutal winters and scorching summers. The flower bloomed despite numerous adversities. Surrounded by prairie grasses, this larger than life rose carved from granite reflects the Prairie Rose—North Dakota’s state flower that first pleased the Native inhabitants; then the immigrants who arrived later.

In an effort to ensure that the rose’s beauty was visible to all who pass by during the day and night, icon HD designed and donated a lighting solution to illuminate this sculpture.

As part of the lighting design, RGB lighting was selected to enhance the ability to illuminate the sculpture in a variety of lighting settings. Icon HD partnered with Wiedamark to supply a Light Block wall washer solution to illuminate the Northern Rose and all its beauty.

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