Vortex Texas – Fight Club Meets Night Club

Vortex Texas – Fight Club Meets Night Club

It is a truly unique fitness concept… working out in a high-octane, supercharged environment for the senses! Rocking and ‘rumbling’ (boxing) to the sound of motivating music and intense, dramatic illumination, ‘Vortex’ in Houston, Texas is a veritable feast for the eyes, ears and muscles… an exercise class like no other!

With lighting design and installation by long-time Wiedamark client Light Partners, the Vortex rumble experience comprises overhead concentric circles of aluminum triangular truss, internally illuminated with Wiedamark’s signature high-output digital flex. Capable of producing dazzling chasing, sweeping, strobing lighting effects to suit the pace of the exercises. This is supplemented with Color Kinetics iColor MR Gen 3 fixtures spotlighting the bags suspended from the truss.

The whole system is under the control of a Color Kinetics iPlayer3, with the menu of pre-programmed light shows available to the lead athlete/instructor at the touch of a button from two Color Kinetics Controller Keypads.

Light Partners creative director Daryl Vaughan’s imaginative, animated illumination concepts and signature kinetic lighting designs have proven to be incredibly popular with boutique fitness studios across the States and around the world. His feature lighting is often described as being a genuinely ‘immersive experience’, a motivating force for all kinds of exercise classes and club environments, undoubtedly contributing to the remarkable appeal and success of these businesses.

See more at: www.wiedamark.com

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