Digital Dream Controller

: $49.00
Wireless Symphony LED Controller is suit for UCS1903 (TM2801 etc) output applications to drive LED directly. It is widely used in advertising, stage sets, home decorations, etc. It has many advantages such as low price, easy connection and simplicity to use. It has a memory function. Meanwhile, you could adjust brightness, static color choices and various dynamic changes in lighting effects through wireless remote control. It can also be used as a synchronous controller. That is to say you can synchronously control number of decoders and LED lights. 

Technical Parameters 
  • Supply voltage: DC12~24V 
  • Current : <60mA 
  • External dimension : L122xW71×H24mm 
  • Effects model : 132 preprogrammed effects
  • Maximum control points 1024 (Low-speed) points, 2048 (High-speed) points 
  • Controlled IC Model Such as the TM16726,TM2801,TM8806,WS2811, UCS1903 etc.
Download user guide. 
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